Muskegon Family YMCA Transition Information

Dear Members, Donors and Friends,
Thank you for being a member and friend of the Muskegon Family YMCA. As details continue to be clarified regarding the sale of our building to Muskegon Community College (MCC), we would like to answer some common questions we've received concerning the transition.
What happens to my membership?
There are no planned changes to membership fees or programs offered through the end of 2015 and as of October 1st we will work with MCC for a seamless transition of your membership and membership payments to them.
September 30 will be the last day for your YMCA fitness membership. MCC will be contacting you with more information regarding your new membership.
What does the sale of the building mean for your YMCA?
In a word - "reinvention". Just as we changed from being a dormitory-based facility on Clay and 2nd St and merged from a single gender emphasis to being family focused, so we will reinvent ourselves once again to provide relevant service to West Michigan.
We're focused on key health issues in Muskegon including programs targeting water safety, chronic disease prevention, obesity in youth and adults, and addressing the unique needs of an aging population.
Where will the Y be located?
We know that our Mission can be achieved in partnership with others and in locations throughout the community. What's most important is that YMCA programs designed to build a healthy future for Muskegon will continue to be available to those who need them most.
For the near future, Muskegon Family YMCA administration will continue operating out of the W. Western facility while we consider alternatives.

What can I do to help?
Continue to support the important work we do in the community. We will contact you in the near future to share details on how we can partner to build a healthy future for Muskegon.
Thank you again for your loyalty and support.